Combining digital and analog channels in content marketing

As content marketing matures and develops there will be more focus on the buyer’s journey. We can use it to package our content in different ways for various stages of the journey. In order to have an impact early on in the journey we will need to use a combination of digital and physical channels. Read more

What Hemingway, George RR Martin and John Wayne can teach us about social media

Ever since social media started to become a factor we have reminded ourselves that ”it’s a conversation, not a monologue” and that we should use it to listen as much as talk. We talk about not doing megaphone marketing and we measure “engagement”. Yet even as social media is maturing there is still a lot of opportunity lost because companies don’t take the listening part seriously. Read more

5 key rules for great content

Recently there was this great thread in the Content Marketing Institute’s LinkedIn group, asking about golden rules for creating content. I came up with five points, that I’d like to share with you. There are certainly more, check the thread for some very good ideas, but these are the ones that struck me as key. Read more

5 ways you can help your employees on social media

Social media is an important part of many peoples’ lives these days, and will likely be for the foreseeable future. Many companies have been quick to see the potential for social media in everything from marketing to recruitment. Quite a few have also discovered the potential of getting their employees involved, as ambassadors, thought leaders and so on. But they have not been as quick when it comes to helping their employees deal with social media in a way that benefits both them and the organization. Read more