5 ways you can help your employees on social media

Social media is an important part of many peoples’ lives these days, and will likely be for the foreseeable future. Many companies have been quick to see the potential for social media in everything from marketing to recruitment. Quite a few have also discovered the potential of getting their employees involved, as ambassadors, thought leaders and so on. But they have not been as quick when it comes to helping their employees deal with social media in a way that benefits both them and the organization. Read more

5 must-haves in your social media strategy

If your company is active on social media, chances are that not a lot of planning went into the decision. Most companies find themselves with a presence in social media for reasons like “Our competitors are there” or “Someone in marketing thought it was a great idea”. In addition, there is an idea floating around that social media should be approached without a strategy, that we should just dive in. I disagree, the key to having a successful presence in sociala media for a long time is to have a plan and then stick to it. Read more