I often speak on subjects like digital strategy and transformation, content marketing/content strategy as well as social media. The format varies from more general and inspirational to in-depth lectures on crisis management in social media or on strategy. Here are some of the topics from recent speaking engagements/lectures:

  • Crisis management in social media
  • The buyer’s journey – the key to content marketing 
  • Digital transformation, what is it?
  • Content marketing 2.0
  • Why you need a content strategy
  • How to use Linkedin to build your company’s brand and generate sales leads
  • HR and Social media

I do these presentations both at conferences and at company events.

I also help companies to create strategies and processes in areas like social media, content marketing, internal guidelines fpr social media, or how to work more efficiently with content. This usually takes the form of one or more workshops, and of course I’m present all the way from planning and execution to helping them continue and develop the process.

If you want to find out more about this, e-mail me on pontus@staunstrup.se.