13 things you can do to avoid a social media crisis

If your company is active in social media, sooner or later a situation will occur that can become a crisis. I’ve put together 13 pieces of advice to help you minimize or even avoid that crisis altogether. You can find them in this presentation, together with some examples of where others went wrong: Read more

Converged media – how owned, paid and earned media can work together

If you have worked in communication or marketing you are probably familiar with thinking about the media landscape in terms of owned, paid and earned media. It’s a good way of structuring the different types of media, but it should not control how we work with messaging, target groups and content. In a time where the customer is in control, and the borders between media types are blurring, we need to have a strategic perspective and work to achive a convergence in media use. Read more

Connecting Content marketing and PR

Content marketing has been getting a lot of attention in recent years, with companies and organizations putting more and more effort into reaching their target groups with relevant and valuable content. It’s an interesting development, but it’s easy to forget the power of traditional earned media, i.e PR. The solution is to have owned and earned media work together, and to include paid media as well when possible. Read more

The pros and cons of armchair strategy

When strategy is mentioned very often someone will argue that it’s something created separately from reality, a theoretical construct, and therefore of no use in the real world. This is often used to question the need for a strategy, or at least to try and minimize the boundaries or impact of a strategy. What is needed instead, goes the argument, is something tangible and real, something that can be put to use immediately. Read more

Culture eats strategy for breakfast, New York Times style

There is a Peter Drucker quote making the rounds on LinkedIn, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Ever wondered what it actually means? Well, there is a perfect example being played out right before our eyes right now: The difficulties of New York Times to succeed in the digital media landscape, as revealed by the innovation report that got “leaked” in the spring of 2014. Read more

No, H2H can’t replace B2B or B2C – here’s why

You’ve probably seen it in your feed on LinkedIn, the image from a lecture somewhere saying “There is no more B2B or B2C. It’s H2H: Human to Human”. Maybe you’ve even shared it. I applaud the sentiment, but let’s be clear: it is flawed logic, and for a very simple reason: B2B and B2C tells us what we’re doing, H2H how we’re doing it. Read more

Afraid of creating a content marketing strategy? Here are 3 steps to fix that

According to a 2014 report by Content Marketing Institute and the UK Direct Marketing Association on Content Marketing in the UK, lack of a documented content marketing strategy is one of the biggest threats to successful content marketing. We can all agree that a strategy is vital, but an interesting question is, why do so many companies not have one? Read more