5 great points on native advertising from Rebecca Lieb

On October 19-20 this year more than 250 marketers gathered in Copenhagen for the first ever Native Advertising days. One of the keynote speakers was Rebecca Lieb, leading industry analyst on native advertising. She made a number of very good points, and here are five that I found particularly interesting. Read more

Netflix showing the way in native advertising

One important question to reflect on is What is good native advertising? One of best ways of answering that question is to take a look at what Netflix have been doing with it in recent years. Not only are they creating great content, they’ve also been setting the bar as to what a brand can bring to a media platform by paying for important storytelling. Read more

How you can get a handle on digital

The digital dimension of communication and marketing is becoming more and more important. At the same time I hear more and more people say that they find it hard to understand or get a handle on all things digital. This can come from very senior people, CMOs as well as experienced communication and marketing specialists.  Read more